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Flex 40 Hot Melt Adhesive Glue for HB220 Glue Tool 16-ounce - StaplermaniaStore


Flex 40 Hot Melt Adhesive Glue for HB220 Glue Tool 16-ounce


Flex 40 Hot melt Adhesive Glue for HB220 Glue Gun 16-ounce (18 Sticks)

Flex 40 when used in HB220 hot melt glue gun can easily create a high strength bond between carpet tack strips or metal clips and finished concrete, fiber cement backer board, or wood prior to carpet being stetched over a floor. The major advantages in using Flex 40 glue with the HB220 gun are strength of the bond and the quick 5 minute set up time of the adhesive. This allows the carpet installer greater productivity by not having to come back the next day or wait hours for the adhesive to fully cure before stretching carpet. The Flex 40 must be applied at the pre-set temperature of 390 degrees on the HB220 glue gun in order to achieve maximum bond strength and an open time of 40 seconds. 1 pound pack includes approximately 19 sticks.

Works with HB220 glue gun

40 second open time/ 5 minutes for full cure

1 glue stick per 4 foot carpet tack strip

Multi-purpose hot melt adhesive for many applications

no drip, no mess nozzle

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