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Maestri ME-50 Electric Stapler - 50 series - StaplermaniaStore


Fasco-Maestri ME-50 Electric Stapler - 50 series


Maestri ME-50 1/2" Wide crown Electric Stapler
Professional electric stapler with high resistance body in reinforced fiberglass. Provided with safety device to prevent accidental firing. Maximum power and high fastening speed.
Uses 50 series staples (3/8" - 9/16") -  Duofast 50, BeA 95, Spotnails P50. 

 Maestri ME-50 Features:
Removable front plate for easy unjamming
High fastening speed 100 shots/minute
Rear loading with built-in pusher
Large trigger for use in all positions
Max speed - 2 shots per second
12 feet extension cord
Frame and picture construction
Decorative works, furniture repair. Furniture trim and molding
Window and door beading. Doors and window profiles, mounting doors and window frames
Stand and shop fittings. Temporarily fastening merchandise to corrugated or corrugated to corrugated
Cable sheathings

  • Weight  2.75 lbs.
  • Length  8-1/16"
  • Height  7-5/16"
  • Width  2"
  • Extension Cord  12 feet (350 cm)
  • Trigger  Full hand type
  • Feeding  From rear side with built-in pusher
  • Staple Load  Max 5-1/8"
  • Electrical Rating  10 Amps 120 V, 60 Hz single phase, grounded
  • Driving speed  max 3 pcs./sec (Instant speed)
  • Drive Rate  Max 20 pcs./min (Average working frequency)
  • Safe  Self interlock trigger against inadvertent drive
  • Unjamming  Removable front plate without tools

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