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Grip-Rite GRTDB10I 10-Inch Industrial Turbo Rim Diamond Blade - StaplermaniaStore

Grip Rite

Grip-Rite GRTDB10I 10-Inch Industrial Turbo Rim Diamond Blade


Product Description Get the best products for your best work. Grip-Rite is the one brand name you need to know for guaranteed premium construction supplies for every single step of the building process. From the Manufacturer Grip-Rite Industrial Diamond Saw Blades will maximize the return on your investment. Manufactured to meet the most rigorous industry requirements, Grip-Rite Diamond Blades adhere to the highest quality standards blade after blade. Designed for cutting hard materials, Grip-Rite Diamond Blades boast fast cutting speeds, a very long life and a comparably low cost per cut. If you want to add some heat to your saw, look no further than Grip-Rite Industrial Diamond Saw Blades! Cuts Block, Cured Concrete, Fiber Cement, Paver, Brick, Tile, Rock and Marble

  • Perfect blade to use in conjunction with all sawing applications.
  • Turbo segments provide increased cutting speeds and continuous rim allows for smooth clean cuts through masonry, concrete, stone, and tile.
  • Soft bond allows fast cutting into hard material
  • Designed for wet or dry cutting
  • DM 7/8-Inch to 5/8-Inch arbor
  • 10-mm Segment height
  • 6,115 RPM
  • Wet or dry

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