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100% Cotton Fishing/Crabbing Escape Cord, Natural - StaplermaniaStore

Continental Western

Fishing/Crabbing Escape Cord, Natural 100% Cotton


Size Name:Size #30 - 640 Ft/Lb Cotton escape cord is used for commercial and recreational fishing operations. Specially designed for use in crab traps and fish nets the rope meets requirements from the Department of Fisheries that it be 100 percent pure cotton. Not only is CWC cord compliant its also biodegradable.

  • CONSTRUCTED from 100% pure cotton
  • APPLICABLE in fishing and crabbing industries
  • APPROVED for use in crab traps and fish nets by the Department of Fisheries
  • Product Specifications— FT/LB: 640', PUT-UP: Tube, SIZE: #30, WEIGHT: 2 lbs

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