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Yellow fin tuna in Olive oil ALBO. Pack of 3 3.2oz tin - StaplermaniaStore


Yellow fin tuna in Olive oil ALBO. Pack of 3 3.2oz tin


Yellow fin Tuna is one of the most popular Tuna varieties. The flesh is pink and firm. This type of Tuna is also prepared and seasoned in Escabeche, tomato, spices.. About The Brand. Hijos de Carlos Albo, S. A., is one of these characteristic firms, the most prestigious, in the Sector of Canned Fish.The company was founded in 1869, under the name "Albo, Arredondo y Cia.", in Santo¤a, once the most important fishing port on the Cantabrian Coast.The company started on a very small scale, using handcrafted techniques, produced Salted Anchovies and Pickled fishes, to broaden progresively her activities to implement, at the begining of this century, the authentic appertized canning process, resulting in a remarkable development in production that led to the seting up of fine factories alongside the Cantabrian Coast, to cope with the absence of coldstorage technology and as a consequence to settle down the factories in close proximity to the major fishing ports.Albo works under the strictest quality controls availed by the JSQ 9002 certification and using the best raw materials and natural ingredients, contributing to the achievement of high quality products.

  • Pack of 3 3.2oz tin of Yellow fin Tuna from Albo. Ingredients: Yellowfin tuna and olive oil. all natural with no preservatives or chemical additives 9.6 oz, 276 grs.

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