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XPOWER X-3780 Professional 4-Stage HEPA Air Scrubber with Activated Carbon Filter, White


XPOWER X-3780 Professional 4-Stage HEPA Air Scrubber with Activated Carbon Filter, White


The XPOWER X-3780 is a 5-speed commercial air purifier suitable for a variety of applications including businesses, medical facilities, hospitals, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, and other spaces where optimal indoor air quality is crucial. This scrubber quickly captures airborne contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, mold and other submicron-sized impurities utilizing its advanced 4-stage filtration technology and powerful high torque motor. The X-3780 is equipped with a washable nylon mesh filter that traps large particulates, a high-capacity pleated media filter that captures smaller particulates and helps prevent cross-contamination, and a 2 lb. activated carbon filter that neutralizes stubborn odors and absorbs harmful VOCs. The final-stage HEPA filter removes 99.97% of .3-micron sized particulates as well as other particulate sizes including bacteria, allergens, and sub-micron sized dust. A convenient indicator light notifies you when the filters need to be replaced.

  • HIGH-QUALITY AIR SCRUBBER: High performance air filtration removes impurities, traps small particles, and improves air quality
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE 1/2 HP MOTOR: Produces up to 600 CFM while drawing only 2.8 amps at its highest setting
  • 4 STAGE FILTRATION: Carbon filter for odor control and HEPA filter rated to capture 99.97% of 0.3-micron sizes particulates
  • ADJUSTABLE SPEED: 5 speed settings for noise sensitive environments
  • STACKABLE DESIGN: Measuring 18.5" x 12.3" x 21.6" and weighing 32.2 pounds, this air purifier can be stacked up to five units high for easy storage

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