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Viper Wolf Carpet Grooming Carpet Spotter w/SOS Tool & Pre Spot Cleaner - StaplermaniaStore

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Viper Wolf Carpet Grooming Carpet Spotter w/SOS Tool & Pre Spot Cleaner


WOLF130 Carpet Spotter Solution Capacity 1 gallon Recovery Tank Capacity1 gallon Comes w/ 8' hose & carpet tool 5" wide, Vacuum Motor2 Stage, Water Lift85", PSI30 Power Cord21' Safety Yellow, Vac Hose8', Wheels8" The Wolf carpet spotter provides a compact, lightweight highly portable tool for quick carpet or upholstery spot clean-up. The Wolf spotter is ideal for spot cleaning carpets to remove spills or stains between extractions. provides users with a portable, easy to use solution for small carpet touch ups or deep cleaning heavily soiled areas. With a 1 Gal. tank, the wolf carpet spotter has plenty of solution capacity for the emergency small jobs that present themselves in schools, offices, food service areas or healthcare facilityWolf spotter has a powerful pump and vacuum motor, this very convenient machine gets the job done fast and can then be stored away out of sight ALSO Included - StainOut System 71-001 Sub Surface Extraction Tool Short of removing carpet, sub surface extraction is the best method for flushing out the true cause of odors and reappearing spots. uses a process called sub-surface extraction. Sub Surface Extraction is used by professional carpet cleaners to thoroughly remove contaminants, liquids, and odors that have soaked into carpet padding and upholstery. AND free Citrus Slam a concentrated, heavy-duty, high-pH carpet cleaning pre-spray. It is designed to combat heavily soiled apartments, rentals, dorms, offices, and anywhere there is severe soiling. Citrus Slam is formulated with strong detergents, surfactants, and builders along with Citrus Solvent to suspend and lift heavy soils and grease.

  • Free S.O.S. Sub Surface Extraction Tool and Carpet pre Spot treatment

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