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Mytee 8070 Lite Heated Carpet Extractor w/Free Extraction Tool & Carpet Spray - StaplermaniaStore


Mytee 8070 Lite Heated Carpet Extractor w/Free Extraction Tool & Carpet Spray


Mytee-Lite 8070 improved high performance 3-stage vacuum motor featuring 100 CFM and 130" of water lift! This unit also carries a 120 PSI pump, while putting out 1.3 GPM. Also, it has had modifications to its 1,000W heater most efficient in its class reaches temperatures of 210?F. 15' vacuum and internal solution hose combo, handle with deeper baskets and a hanger for hoses. new easy-empty tank drains, 6" wheels and 2" locking casters in front, for stabilization and to prevent unwanted movement 25' lighted power cord plug glows when the cord has power. Heated extractor now has waterproof switches that add protection against dust and water intrusion. Incudes Stainout Systems SOS Extraction Tool Easily removes pet urine, stains, and odors, 5" x 8" surface extraction area Works with most standard wet/dry vacuums, Attaches to 1.25", 1.5", and 2" hose cuffs Also Included - Citrus Slam is a concentrated, heavy-duty, high-pH carpet cleaning pre-spray. designed to combat heavily soiled apartments, rentals, dorms, offices, and anywhere there is severe soiling. Citrus Slam is formulated with strong detergents, surfactants, and builders along with Citrus Solvent to suspend and lift heavy soils and grease. Dilution: 1:16 or 8oz to a Gallon Note: Dilute at 1:40 to meet C.A.R.B and S.Q.A.Q.M.D. VOC Requirements.

  • Mytee 8070 Heated Extractor, SOS sub Surface extraction tool, Citrus Slam Cleaner

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