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Amana A.G.E. 12" X 100 4 +1 1" Bore Heavy Miter Saw Blade  Md12-106 - StaplermaniaStore

Amana Tool

Amana A.G.E. 12" X 100 4 +1 1" Bore Heavy Miter Saw Blade Md12-106


Amana AGE Series HEAVY MITER 12 Inch x100 4+1 1 Inch BORE Saw Blade Perfect for glass smooth cuts in moldings, and picture frames. 12-Inch x 100-Teeth 4 Alternate Top Bevel followed by 1 Raker grind, -5-Degree Hook, 1-Inch Bore Laser cut expansion slots allowing the blade to expand and contract from heat preventing warpage Massive tool steel plate. Extra large European style carbide tips providing more resharpenings. Industrial Quality. Made in Germany. The A.G.E. Series Heavy-Duty Single/Double Miter blades were designed especially for glass-smooth compound miters cuts in moldings and picture frame stock for use in a miter box and single/double miter machines. This style blade is the perfect choice for picture frame and millwork shops. Unlike thinner miter blades which have a tendency to flex and warp, throwing off the miter joint. Our Blades are stiffer and provide clean burr-free cuts in wood, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. Special grind, minimal run-out and tight side clearances all combine to yield perfect “GAP-FREE” miters every time!

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