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Pearl Abrasive one-piece heavy duty Tile Stripper Attachment PA02TS - StaplermaniaStore

Pearl Abrasives

Pearl Abrasive one-piece heavy duty Tile Stripper Attachment PA02TS


PA02TS Pearl Easy Hammer Tile Stripper Attachment Tile Removal Head Machined out of a solid block of tool-grade steel, the Tile Stripper suits most jackhammer types and is built to last. Included a durable 2mm (1/16in) thick high tensile steel blade held together with high tensile fine thread bolts and high grade Loctite thread lock. Countersunk bolts eliminate the risk of the bolts sheering off as found in other models. Comes fully assembled. Do not use to pry tile. Can also be used for cleaning tile beds. 6 month guarantee. Replacement blades are available. Designed to Hold the Most Popular Demolition Hammers Bosch 1135K Milwaukee 5337-21 Makita HM1317CB/HM1307CB Hitachi H65SD2 Dewalt D25960K Hilti TE1000/TE1500

  • Demolition Hammer and Troll not included
  • Rugged scraper blade for removing tile, linoleum, wood and other floor products
  • Heavy duty hardened bolts to secure blade in place
  • Tile Stripper has hardened 11 in. shank with dual notches, allowing you to flip the head as the blade wears down, always giving you a sharp edge
  • Include: Shank 1-1/8” hex, Head and Blade

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