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Mytee 8070 Lite Heated Carpet Extractor & GoClean Citrus Slam 1 Quart Carpet Cleaning Spray


Mytee 8070 Lite Heated Carpet Extractor & GoClean Citrus Slam 1 Quart Carpet Cleaning Spray


8070 Mytee-Lite™ Carpet Extractor

  • The Mytee Lite™ features:

    • 4 gallon (approx.) capacity tanks
    • New and improved single 3-stage motor – 100 CFM, 130″ water lift
    • 1,000-watt in-line heater which produces hot water to quickly break up grease and dirt
    • Faucet fill hose for easy fill solution tank
    • Recovery tank drain hose
    • Compact size and easy-push handle for easy transportation and storage


    • 15ft. 1.25″ vacuum and internal solution hose (Part #8501)
    • 8400P Air Lite™ upholstery tool
    • Heatguard™ hosewrap, made of neoprene wetsuit material
    • Easy-push handle with convenient storage basket
    • A110 Drain Hose
    • 1-quart bottle Citrus Slam
  • After purchasing one or more Mytee® extractors, make the most of your sound investment by ordering our 3601 System Maintainer. Use Mytee’s 3601 System Maintainer weekly for maximum performance and pressure and to prolong the life of your machine.

    Benefits of Weekly Maintenance

    • Keep all tanks and lines free of hard water and chemical build up
    • Improve pump life
    • Minimize acid corrosion and lime scale build up for maximum performance and pressure
    • Keep heater(s) running at maximum temperature

Citrus Slam

Citrus Slam is a concentrated, heavy-duty, high-pH carpet cleaning pre-spray. It is designed to combat heavily soiled apartments, rentals, dorms, offices, and anywhere there is severe soiling. Citrus Slam is formulated with strong detergents, surfactants, and builders along with Citrus Solvent to suspend and lift heavy soils and grease.

Dilution: 1:16 or 8oz to a Gallon

PH: 12.5

Note: Dilute at 1:40 to meet C.A.R.B and S.Q.A.Q.M.D. VOC Requirements.

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